Sunday, 25 June 2017

Under The Sheets

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  1. Ok, so I watched the film before hearing the accompanying podcast. You guys are not paid professionals and to do what you did with no budget is superb. Let's be honest, you are amateurs doing what you do for personal enjoyment and hoping to light up a few people's lives as you go, which you certainly do. Those who aren't regular listeners probably won't get it and might expect a more polished mockumentary. But you're doing it in an amateurish way which was exactly how it needed to be done. It might make others think, I could do that, encourage people to aim for something which may be achievable. I am not writing as a biased fan but as an open minded reviewer. You both entertain in a raw and easy going manner that takes me away from my normal life and helps me escape for a brief time. Keep doing it and I am sensing a bigger Wayne's World type film in the future, like filming 2 podcasters making a film! So until the fun stops, keep up your output in all areas and who knows? Elvis Bourbon