Monday, 7 November 2016

Under The Sheets - KICKSTARTER Project

Light-hearted / Comedy - Mockumentary showing exclusive behind the scenes footage of 2RandomSheets, world famous podcasters

About this project

What is Under The Sheets?
Under the sheets is a mockementary which fictional events are presented in documentary style filming. Following Vince McVince and Adam McAdams who believe they are world famous podcasters as they once made it into the iTunes top 10 podcast chart and are still living on the success of it.
When will it be finished?
we have given ourselves a deadline of 1st Feb 2017
It is going to be a feature length film?
in a word yes, it is going to over an hour long
Is the script all ready?
What script... 
There must be a script surly?
We are ready to start filming now, all the ideas are laid out, Filming locations have been scouted 
Is this a true story?
Based on a true story is a better way of explaining it, some parts are actually true 2randomsheets podcast is a weekly show by podcasters Vince and Adam which did chart on the iTunes comedy chart at number 9. 
Is the podcast still going now?
Yes very much so, we have been uploading a weekly show since Feburary 2016, with no signs of slowing down.
How can i listen to this podcast?  
2randomsheets is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn Radio  to name but a few, also google 2randomsheets and you will find us.
How many people listen to this podcast?
Since February 2016 our podcast has been played over 450,000 times   
Why do you want to do this film?
we have so many ideas floating about, this is just one of them
Will this be funny?
We do hope so if you like dry British humour.
Where is this going to be filmed?
Kent, England. 
What do you need the funding for?
We would like some better filming equipment, so we can make the final film even better. We only require a very small amount of funding the rest is self financed by ourselves.
Anything else you would like to add?
Give us a chance we are normal people with big hearts we just need a little bit of you time and good will.

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