Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ep #39 - Sorry

Can we do a whole podcast about adult cartoons, Family Guy, South Park etc etc........well we managed 10minutes or so in between the usual chit chat. To be honest, I can't remember everything in the episode and even though Adam has listened while editing, he is too lazy to type the show notes so you are left with me rambling on but not having a clue what I am rambling on about.......Enjoy

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ep #38 - Pause For Breath

5 friends/fans kept going on about being on the show via a phone call, so we decided to try and do it all in one episode and this is the mixed result.........containing 1 call that was never gonna end, 1 that we couldn't end quick enough and one that surprised us as the caller was actually funny!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ep #37 - Carry On Sheets

We challenged ourselves to both do a 2 minute stand up comedy stint. This Episode is the result, with both of us stepping up to the mic and both failing with a sound effect app. A discussion about comedians follows after with Eddie Izzard, Peter Kay, Eddie Murphy, Billy Connolly, lee evans. Kevin Hart, and John Bishop all mentioned along with many others. Plus we try and understand different comedy genre's

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Running Late

Channel 6 News Reporting for 2Randomsheets

I Walked into An Optician's

Where You Been Val?

Val 'Red Hat' Celebrating With Dartford FC

Out Takes v1

Ep #36 - This Could Be Dangerous

Midweek special episode.
Darts rematch and after, a World first.....
Darts in the dark and standing 20 odd foot away from the board, We name it Stunt Darts.


Ep #35 - On Our Knees

A sort of follow up to episode 9 "Underplayed" but it didn't quite go to plan. Unseen interruptions hampered recording but we battled on through. We discuss various underplayed songs and artists including Queen, Metallica, The Smiths, Radiohead among the usual mentions for Elvis, Michael Jackson as well as Madonna popping up along with Bob Dylan plus many more....